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This past spring, a generous donation was given to the football program by the STVM football class of 1981. As a way to remember that great class of 1981, Joe Harvey, Craig Mears, Tim Wallace, Dave Bittner and Chip Hilling decided to buy the naming rights to the varsity locker room. Through the 1981 STVM football teams' donations as well as other generous private donations, the locker room has been transformed in to one of the finest high school locker rooms around.

During the construction process, all of the original lockers were ripped out, the carpet taken up and plywood walls replaced with new dry wall. There were many people who worked diligently on this project throughout the past months who cannot be thanked enough.

Here are some quick facts on the new updates as well as some photos:

Locker Room:
-Over 3,000 sq. ft.
-80 lockers with room to expand
-Freshly painted walls and trim
-Brand new state championship banners
-Historical photos from throughout St. Mary, St. Vincent and STVM football history
-Individual player photos were restored and labeled and now hang on the front wall

-78" tall x 24" wide
-Made of high quality Birch wood
-Clear coat wood stained
-Storage compartment below the locker seat
-Wooden shamrocks with player's number
-Name plates with a shamrock logo, player's name and player's number

-Epoxy-based poured floor
-STVM flaked colors throughout the floor
-Irish football vinyl logo
-Easy to sweep and disinfect

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