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In the spring of 2007, the weight room that the Fighting Irish football team had called home for many years was packed up and moved to an empty Costigan's warehouse across the street from the school. The old weightroom, which was connected on to the fieldhouse and had been used in various ways throughout the years, is now the freshmen/visitor's locker room.

Having to move the weightroom to the new location on Maple Street was nothing but beneficial for the program. With ample space to utilize for running and plyometrics, the opportunity to become a bigger, faster and stronger team had never been greater. Not only is there space to run right next to the weightroom area, but there is also an extra wing that is 70 yards in length and 20 yards wide that can be used during the cold months. During the warmer months, the turf on the football field serves as the running and conditioning area.

Since January of 2007, the eqiupment in the weightroom has doubled with new Hammer Strength machines coming in every year. Also, with the amount of space in the current weight room, the possibilities to expand are endless. With all of the updates in facilities going on around St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, the football team does not know how long they will call this warehouse "home," but it has been a great asset nonetheless.

Here are some quick facts about our weightroom as well as some photos:

Weightroom Area & Equipment:
-Over 5,000 sq. ft.
-6 olympic flat benches (4 interchange into incline benches)
-8 squat racks
-4 deadlift/clean platforms
Maxx lineman sled with a digital feedback monitor
-Auxiliary upper body and lower body stations
-Over 10 Hammer Strength upper and lower body machines
-2 sets of sandbags

Free Weights & Bars:
-Over 4,000 lbs. of dumbells
-Over 10,000 lbs. of plates
-Over 2,000 lbs. of bumper plates for deadlifting & cleaning
-Over 40 olympic bars
-4 deadlift specific bars

Plyometric Area & Equipment:
-Over 10,000 sq. ft.
-3 sets of wooden and metal plyometric boxes
-1 set of running ropes
-1 set of speed bags
-1 set of plate-loaded running sleds
-1 set of resistance running harnesses
-3 sets of jumpropes

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