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One of the most revered people in the school’s history, Coach Eddie Wentz is legendary. He has been referred to as a “coach in the fullest sense of the word” and a “coach of a generation and a half.” He not only coached football during that time, but also coached basketball and baseball.

When Eddie Wentz graduated from West High School in 1917, he had earned 11 varsity letters during the three years he attended there. He won three letters each for football, basketball and baseball and two letters for track. He made All-City teams twice while in high school. He attended the University of Akron his freshman year and left to serve in the Army in World War I for six months. He returned to U of A and graduated with 10 varsity letters: two each in football and track and three each in basketball and baseball.

Coach Wentz was the beloved head coach of Akron St. Vincent High School sports teams for 40 years.

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