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In 2006, the Eddie Wentz Memorial Room took on a new look when it was given a much needed face lift. The Wentz Room serves as a meeting place for many different functions. As part of the football field house, the Wentz room connects to the coaches office as well as the new 1981 State Champions Varsity Locker Room. The football team primarily uses this room to watch game film as well as hold invidual position meetings. The Wentz room also serves as a meeting area for weekly parent/coach film sessions during the week as well as athletic booster club meetings.

When the Wentz Room underwent construction, much of the history of the teams of the past was brought back in to this room. Every team picture from St. Vincent and St. Vincent-St. Mary sits on one of the side walls of the Wentz Room. The front wall houses a large banner-sized history of St. Mary, St. Vincent and St. Vincent-St. Mary Football. Eventually, the other side wall will house St. Mary team pictures just like the St. Vincent ones.

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